About Me

Hi! I’m Stephen, and I read cards.

I started reading for my cousins, aunts and uncles over twenty years ago. It started slowly. I brought my first Tarot deck to a family gathering when I was 16, but my passion for playing cards was peaked at a very, very, young age.

I distinctly remember watching my aunts and uncles around the dining room table at my grand-mother’s house as they played Dame de Pique.

As a 4 year old, I found the arguments around the table exciting. The little devil in me got absolutely thrilled by my uncles cursing at their luck as they tossed their hands down in disgust towards the center of the table.

I loved the moans whenever one of my aunts gleeful laughter drowned them out as she forced everyone to count the cards in their hands that would make everyone lower their scores.

I couldn’t help but wonder what they saw in those benign-looking pieces of paper. Imagine the curious 4 year old boy, spying at people’s cards as they sat around the table trying to find the answers. What did they see in the gloss of the paper, the hearts and diamonds, the faces on the cards… what could cause all that excitement around the table?

Imagine my wonder when I found out that some people could actually read the future with them..! Well… wonders of wonders… there was my calling! I never looked at a deck of cards the same way ever again, and thirty some years later, I still relive the emotions whenever I crack open a new deck of cards…

But now I see much more than mere points to be added and subtracted based some agreed-upon rules… now the cards themselves are telling me stories; sharing secrets…

I’ve been told by my closest friends, relatives and several clients that I hit the mark far too close to home at times. Some have felt exposed and vulnerable as their secrets: things that they keep close to their hearts; things that they wouldn’t tell anyone about; things that they’d normally keep to their graves, have surfaced in my readings.

You secretly admire someone? The cards know.

Will he be faithful? It will come out in the cards…

Trying to find out how that interview will go? The cards know.

You’re thinking about raising some sort of mischief? The cards definitely know that too…

I offer no judgment and remain discreet, and whatever your concerns are, the cards can help you as they have for countless others before you.



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